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What assets can I put into a Trust?

The assets which are normally put into a Trust fund, which Inheritance Solutions UK can advise you and help you set up include:

  • Property
  • Financial assets
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal property
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Property Trust

You can put any type of property into a trust. This might include your own home and any investment properties, such as buy to let properties. Putting property into your assets can help to protect your property for your beneficiaries.

Financial Assets Trust

Any money and stocks and shares which you wish to give as a gift to someone can be put into a trust. This can have a number of benefits and can be a method for avoiding any unneccessary inheritance tax potentially saving you thousands of pounds. Click here to find out how Inheriance Solutions about avoiding inheritance tax through settings up trust funds.

Life Insurance Policies Trust

Life insurance policies can be "written into a trust", which means that if a claim is made, the insurance company pays out any successful claim to the beneficiaries named in the trust. This can mean that the proceeds do not form part of your asset and therefore are not subject to inheritance tax.

Property Trust

Personal property can also be placed into a trust, however it is only worth putting in asset that are of high value.

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