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Why should I set up a Trust?

Trust AdviceTrusts can be set up for a number of different reasons and can be especially useful when used at the time of writing a Will. Trusts can be confusing and complex to understand and Inheritance Solutions UK are ready to help you with your own personal situation.

Using a Trust can have a number of advantages including:

  • Minimising inheritance tax by reducing the value of the estate
  • Protecting assets, ensuring they cannot be used to pay care home fees or other unforeseeable expenses
  • Providing a guaranteed income for your loved ones.

How can I reduce inheritance tax (IHT) with Trusts?

Removing assets from your estate and placing them in a trust can mean that they will no longer be subject to any inheritance tax (IHT). If your intention is to pass your assets on to a loved one, you can place them in a Trust and name them as the beneficiary. This will achieve the desired result of passing a portion of your estate to them.

Our inheritance tax advisors will help you find the best solution to help you save as much inheritance tax as possible. Why not book a free consultation with one of our specialist trust advisors now?

Why do I need to protect my estate? How can trusts help?

When you set up a trust assets, such as your property, are removed from your estate and put aside for a beneficiary. This enables you to safeguard the wealth you have accumulated, protecting the assets placed in the trust from any third parties. Trusts can be used to protect your property from being used to pay for long term care. Trusts can also ensure your assets are not seized if you are made bankrupt, and in the event of matrimonial issues, your assets are still passed on and retained by your beneficiaries. Trusts essentially ensure that you are able to give your hard earned estate to those who you wish to benefit.

Why should I contact Inheritance Solutions UK?

There are a number of different types of Trusts that you can set up including Discretionary Trusts, Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts and Possession Trusts to name but a few. Each have different implications for protecting assets, looking after beneficiaries and also minimising inheritance tax.

Setting up Trusts can be a complex process and requires an intimate knowledge of the law and its inheritance tax implications. Trusts need to be skillfully drafted to ensure that they can be properly executed and the desired results achieved.

We are professional Trust advisers and use specialist qualified solicitors

Our advisers can clearly explain to you and your family the many options available to you when setting up Trusts. We will take the time to guide you through the options and the implications each Trust option will have and then use qualified solicitors with years of experience to draft them. Why not contact us today and speak to one of our expert advisers and protect your family's future?

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