Looking for the Probate Registry?

Before you apply for Probate yourself you should give us a call. Often families are not fully aware of their tax liability and/or their tax allowances. A quick call to Inheritance Solutions UK can save you time and money. We give free professional advice so that you can rest assured that when you do apply it is accepted and you do not make any mistakes.

For those families that feel applying for Probate themselves is too daunting a task, we offer a fixed fee administration service so that you are aware of the cost prior to any work commencing. This fee is payable out of the estate on completion of the administration.

Every estate is different and so we look at each estate on a case by case basis to determine what is involved. We do not charge a percentage of the estate or an hourly rate. Often our families find they can save thousands of pounds compared to other professionals who charge in alternative ways.

For free advice and an idea of what we would charge, give us a call on 0800 208 5119.

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