How much does Probate cost in the UK? - Probate costs explained

How much does it cost to get a grant of Probate in the UK?

The cost of obtaining a grant of Probate through Inheritance Solutions UK will depend entirely on the complexity of the estate that is to be administered. We only charge a fixed price to our clients and not a percentage of the total value of the estate, unlike other companies. This is because the value of the estate does not necessarily impact upon complexity of the case and so work involved.

We will give you a fixed price solely based on the complexity of your estate. This ensures you get the lowest Probate cost based on the work involved, not a cost that is based on a percentage of value of your estate like a bank typically would.

For example, if an estate only consists of a house, we will charge the same price regardless of whether it is worth £100,000 or £300,000. This ensures we give you the best deal, and means you are not subject to an inflated cost that is based on percentages where typically banks and solictors charge a 3 - 5% fee.

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Probate costs in the UK depend on the complexity of the estate

To find out exactly how much probate will cost, why not speak to one of our specialist advisors? Click here to contact our dedicated Probate team. We will take the time to explain the probate process and how Inheritance Solutions UK can help, and give you an up front fixed price probate fee based on the complexity of the estate.

How can Inheritance Solutions UK help with Probate?

Dealing with probate can be a complicated and time consuming process, and requires intimate knowledge of the law and inheritance tax. Our probate experts can help you:

  • save time and effort by obtaining the grant of probate for you
  • save you money compared to using a bank as we charge a fixed price for probate as well as providing inheritance tax planning
  • offer independent advice from qualified advisors and solicitors with years of experience in probate.

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